The Starfish Dinghy has been designed for children and is one of the safest boats in its class.

Starfish Specification and Pricing


Starfish is light and manoeuvrable both on water and dry land.

The boat is effortlessly transportable on a roof rack or in the boot of a car and easy to carry across a beach or slipway to the water.

The three moulded skegs provide ample security for endless hours of supervised beach play, whilst affording excellent stability on the water.


Length 156.5 cm

Width 80cm

Draft 11.3cm (at 59kgs displacement)

Weight approx. 17kg


The deck is white and there are a choice of fun hull colours which can easily be customised to your own specific colour requirements.

As standard: £725 inc. VAT

Includes a pair of children’s oars, captive rowlocks and 15m floating line.